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Our mission is simple, get you clients & teach you how to retain them. Our team can guarantee 5k-10k per month using our methods. We bring you opportunity, regardless of experience and size as a trainer & promise to triple your prices.


Founded in 2017 Executive Trainers has worked with well over 500+ clients world wide. What initially started as a marketing company for personal trainers, has become one of the biggest business development companies in the fitness industry. The founder (JJ Hernandez) simply combined the skill set of marketing and passion for training to then create Executive Trainers.


We have programs for just about every trainer out there, experienced, novice, aspiring. All programs are meant to build your business whether you’re at the bottom or if you’re halfway to the finish line. Every program comes with weekly 1 on 1 private coaching & weekly live group coaching. You also receive access to our membership site, where you can access all of the pdf’s and content necessary to get those consistent clients.


One thing about this industry is “The prospect is always interested in reaching their fitness goals it’s all about the approach.” We teach and hire performance based (100% commission) employees to handle the approach for you. Through Executive Trainers, we will teach you the necessary leadership skills to run a successful team.

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